Day and night hydrating beauty routine that includes two powerful moisturizers with essential actives plus a revitalizing facial mask which makes you skin look stunning before an important event in only 15 minutes.



  • C-VIT RADIANCE Facial Glowing Fluid 1.7 fl. Oz

Facial fluid with maximum antioxidant, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and illuminating activity that restores its vitality and natural light to your skin.

All the advantages of the latest generation vitamin C with the plus of its luminous pigments, which provide shine and reflections to the skin, in addition to hydrating it, improving its elasticity, and helping to prevent and reduce expression lines.

The vitamin C in your skin turns into light. And thanks to nanotechnology, we manage to encapsulate the active ingredients in liposomes that maximize their effectiveness.



  • ACGLICOLIC CLASSIC FORTE Moisturizing Gel Cream 1.7 fl. Oz

Thanks to the use of nanotechnology, ACGLICOLIC CLASSIC Gel-Cream achieves a maximum effectiveness of glycolic acid, without irritation. This makes it suitable for all types of skin.

This anti-aging, “Photoshop-like” gel-cream acts by reducing wrinkles and blemishes while evening out the skin tone and shrinking pores. What’s more, it produces a gentle, exfoliating massage which improves skin renewal. The results are visible from the very first application.

Note that, in first applications, you may feel a stinging sensation or experience redness, but this is temporary and will disappear after continued use, when skin gets used to glycolic acid. Likewise, at the start of the treatment small pimples may appear due to the cleansing action on the skin (as impurities are released from skin).

If this is the first time you are using a glycolic acid-based cosmetic, we recommend that you start with the ACGLICOLIC CLASSIC Collection, with a low concentration of the acid. Over time, when your skin is more used to the ingredient, products with a higher concentration of the acid may be applied (ACGLICOLIC 20) for improved results and a more renewed and hydrated skin.

It is important to always apply a sunblock during the day or use the product only at night, as the sensitivity of skin to sun may be increased due to its exfoliating effects.


  • beautytreats DIAMOND POWDER Facial Mask 0.75 fl. Oz