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Radiant Glowing Skin Kit [Oily Skin]

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+ Mask
  • Treatment and prevention of tired, and dull skin lacking shine and brightness.


    Before applying the mask, clean and tone the skin  Then apply evenly over the entire face using the fingertips or a brush, avoiding the eye contour area, making sure to apply enough of the mask (approximately 1 mm). Let the mask sit for 10-15 minutes. After this time, it is important to remove the product with cold water, if desired using a sponge. After, for best results, apply C-vit Radiance! Luminous Fluid.


    2% Ascorbyl glucoside, 1.5% tourmaline, Clarifying Complex, Palmitoil pentapeptide or Pal-KTTKS (equivalent to a 4% Matrixyl ®) 2% sweet orange extract, brightening pigments.


    Luminous Pigments 

    Orange Extract 

    Mimetic peptide that improves the structure and integrity of the skin with visible effects on skin tonicity and firmness. Regenerates the dermal matrix by stimulating collagen, elastin, fibronectin and glycosaminoglycan synthesis. Redensifies the skin, enhances firmness, smoothes the skin and reduces skin spots. 


    Vitamin C