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This unique duo smoothes and brightens the skin within just a few days.  The gentle exfoliation action of both products increase cell turnover resulting in youthful radiant skin. 


Mandelac Scrub:

For the mechanical exfoliation of even sensitive skin. Indicated for all skin types including high photo-type (darker skins), skin intolerant of other alpha hydroxy acids (AHA's). Not photosensitive (can be used all year round, including summer and warm climates).


Acglicolic Forte Ampoules:

Ideal for all skin types. Helps to clarify and smooth out rough textured skin. Lipsosomal glycolic acid hydrates, regenerates and renews the skin with a gentle exfoliation effect. 


Very Smooth Skin Kit

  • This kit is for NIGHT TIME USE only.


    After cleansing, massage Mandelac Scrub on skin using a small circular motion until entire face has been exfoliated. Rinse, follow with moisturizer.


    After cleansing, massage a few drops of an Aglicolic Ampoule onto skin. Do not follow with moisturizer.


    Back to the scrub, then continue to rotate between the two products with skipping a night in between.